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Our services

Our goal is to provide only the best to our clients by offering a large range of services that you can adjust based on your specific needs.

We are focused on providing you with the most personal attention and service.


At Berkemeier & Goetschalckx we strongly believe that a successful transaction is one where both parties, seller and buyer, are pleased with the deal. That is our aim in every sale we operate.

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Letting your property isn't always an easy task, it involves a lot of administrative work and requires a considerable amount of time. We take care of everything for you.

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We are collaborating with various workers in various domains which allows us to offer you the best service at the best price with the advantage of dealing with only one partner.

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Property evaluation

Estimating the price of a property is a job in itself, it is also the key to a favourable and fast transaction. Thanks to our knowledge of the local market, we accurately study the various parameters. Contact us for a free estimation.

Property management

We offer flexible services that we aspire to tailor to our clients needs in order to provide the best outcome for your property and we are always on hand to offer advise.

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House Hunting

Finding the right home can be time consuming and stressful. At Berkemeier & Goetschalckx, we help our clients finding the perfect  home or in ideal investment opportunity.

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